BOOK REVIEW– “My Sisters the Saints”

My mother shared with me recently her book, “My Sisters the Saints” by Colleen Carroll Campbell.  I finished it yesterday and knew I had to share how amazing it was!  Colleen Campbell shares her quest to find God in light of balancing her Christian faith and feminist mentality in our secular, materialistic world.  She finds inspiration, enlightenment and hope in six women saints: Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Faustina of Poland, Edith Stein of Germany, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Mary of Nazareth.

I think this book is great for Catholic women who are struggling with how to “do it all”…  I am not a fan of that expression because I truly believe there is give and take in any aspect of life and there comes a point where one must decide which values to give priority over others.  Colleen’s story helps in explaining how the faith has the best answers for women in these matters (in our careers, relationships, motherhood/infertility, and being a woman) and her insight on the lives of the saints will inspire you to get to know these awesome lady saints better as well!

I truly believe the ultimate feminism can by found in the Catholic faith, in the teachings of our Church and the many women who have gone before us.  I cannot write as eloquently or spiritually as Colleen Campbell in her book to explain, so I just highly recommend reading this book!  Youtube video below is Colleen giving an overview of her book.

I hope you all are inspired to read it and enjoy it as much as I did.  Thank you to my own amazing momma for sharing this book with me and always inspiring me in the faith.

In Peace and Joy, Julia


A Call to Neighborliness

The God of the Old Testament is an important presence to engage with, not only for our Catholic faith communities, but also in our individual lives. To the average reader, the Old Testament can often seem peculiar and unfortunately, is simply disregarded in lieu of New Testament texts. Regardless of the reason for Old Testament misuse or disuse, the texts are in fact a treasure trove of information about our God, His being, and how we should live on earth. The Old Testament must not go away and here is why. Continue reading “A Call to Neighborliness”

V O C A T I O N & the Christian Identity

I have been thinking a lot about “identity” lately and why it matters. It seems in today’s world there is an identity crisis going on. Individuality is given way to competitions of who is “more unique” than another, (a pointless struggle). Instead of embracing everyone’s uniqueness and delighting in our differences, I have witnessed jealousy and seen mixed emotions in the faces of people who do not yet really know who they are and what they stand for.  A couple years ago this used to be me.  This has been a topic I have really wanted to write about because I truly believe it’s a starting point for changing the world for the better!

There are three questions that changed my life a couple years back: Continue reading “V O C A T I O N & the Christian Identity”

Finding Peace

Recently I have had this relationship with Christ: Jesus is my everything one moment and then one hour later, I am overwhelmed and annoyed by the amount of dishes, laundry, emails, work tasks, and every day life situations that are on the day’s to-do list. In actuality these to-dos are not unique to me, but just simply a part of every one’s life and something we can all relate to. We stand not alone in piles of laundry and dishes, ladies! I have realized that in these situations, ones that used to exhaust and frustrate me now have a different, two-fold effect… Continue reading “Finding Peace”